Saxophone products and services

KB Sax necks

An artisanal product that aggregates years of experiences from top sax players. Each custom KB sax neck is handcrafted, playtested and fine tuned by Kim Bock to his high standard.

We offer fair and reasonable rates. Cash offers available. Transparent transactions from a reputable shop that you can trust.


We specialize in vintage Selmer saxophones – Mark VI, Super Balanced Action and Balanced Action – and typically have dozens of them in our inventory.

If you are looking for a certain serial number, give us a call to see if we have what you are looking for. You can then make an appointment and come try it out.


Exceptional quality saxophone mouthpieces. We stock mouthpieces from Drake, Ted Klum and Fred Rast. On sale! Retro Revival mouthpieces.


Special selection of saxophone ligatures from around the world. We sell Jessen, Echo Master and Silverstein.

Overhauls / Repair

We have currently suspended our repair and overhaul services.